Empowering communities through agricultural transformations

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CREATS is a duly registered Community Based Organization operating in Rachuonyo, Homa Bay County since 2015. The organization was founded by a group of community young professionals and community members passionate about social justice with the goal of poverty and hunger alleviation. The organization primarily works to create social change, unleash the economic potential of the community by providing the community with the necessary tools to transform lives through promoting gender equality, women empowerment, and agricultural transformation.
In this regard, CREATS focuses on agricultural capacity building, market and financial linkages, small enterprise development, environmental conservation as well as policy advocacy as the major areas of interventions. We supported, facilitated, and strengthened the establishment of Kasbondo AIM Dairy cooperative, the only existing farmer cooperative in Homa Bay County.

CREATS collaborates with partners to promote youth and women empowerment through agricultural transformation by engaging in activities such as training and capacity building on sustainable agriculture, organizing farmer demonstrations and field days, and linking smallholder farmers to markets and financial institutions as well as policy advocacy. CREATS primarily focuses on Agriculture, Rural Development, Gender Equality, Education, Environmental conservation, and health for inclusive development.


Capacity building

CREATS promotesmodern, sustainable farming practices by providing technical expertise and capacity building in sustainable agriculture production. We work with the community to identify what Homa Bay’s small farmers need.

Small Enterprise Development Support

CREATS work with smallholder farmers to identify potential small business opportunities. We conduct market analysis and look at the whole agricultural value chain of a farmer’s crop. We identify small enterprises that have the potential to be established or expanded.

Financial Linkages

We work with financial providers and lenders in the community to disseminate information on existing, affordable loan and credit products in the market, which our members can take advantage of. We train smallholder farmers on financial literacy, record keeping, small enterprise business plans. We also emphasize establishing more village savings groups, financial Cooperatives and Self-Help financial groups to build the bargaining power of farmers. We believe table banking has the potential to transform communities and alleviate poverty among poorer households.

Market Linkages

CREATS work with input providers: agrovets, veterinary service providers and extension workers to create employment opportunities for youths and women, improve household incomes and create wealth as well as improve food security. Agriculture is part of a larger value chain. CREATS recognizes this and emphasizes the need for treating farming as a business.

Environmental conservation and Policy Advocacy

We recognize that poor agricultural policies contribute to poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation in Homa Bay and rural communities across Kenya. we work with government and other partners to advocate for policy change to promote social justice and sustainable development. We do this by training the community to advocate for their rights and work together to transform livelihoods.