Focus Areas

Agricultural Transformation

Although agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy, the sector has been neglected and faces many challenges. Rural smallholder farmers, like those in Homa Bay, face particularly tough problems.

These include soil degradation, overdependence on rainfed agriculture, inadequate access to inputs, and a lack of support for entrepreneurship. To address these problems, CREATS supports agricultural transformation in Homa Bay.

This means changing the community’s approach to agriculture from a cultural activity to modern, sustainable, market-oriented small-scale production. We assist farmers to shift from a subsistence-based farming approach to a reliable business opportunity that can enhance and promote development.

We engage with the community to identify needs and opportunities, including competitive advantages that can be explored, needs for capacity building, and the potential for developing partnerships with other agriculture value-chain players.

We prioritize strategies like rigorous soil testing before using fertilizer in production, organic farming, and market-focused agriculture.

Economic empowerment

Poverty and dependency have increasingly become the order of the day in Kenya’s rural areas. Consequently, rural-urban migration among youth, crime, unemployment, and hunger have increased. This prevents economic growth and development among rural households.

CREATS supports agricultural entrepreneurs by offering capacity building, support for small business development, and market and financial linkages to small businesses in the community.

To create sustainable development in rural areas, the active involvement of youth and women in decision making and economic growth is critical. Therefore, CREATS emphasizes support for women and youth entrepreneurs.

Through partnerships with other like-minded organizations and stakeholders, we work to tackle the root causes of poverty. Additionally, we recognize that one of the root causes of poverty in Homa Bay is government neglect of agriculture and poor agricultural policy.

We advocate for improved land policies for our community, improving access to secure land rights among the rural people.

Environmental Conservation

Most of the rural poor in Kenya depend primarily on the environment and natural resources for survival. Consequently, depletion of natural resources like forests, water catchment areas, and soil degradation means increased poverty and hunger in rural communities like Homa Bay.

The people of Homa Bay take pride in our environment, and CREATS supports projects that protect the environment while creating wealth. We emphasize the establishment of environmental cum business-oriented projects like tree nurseries for sale, and fodder production for soil conservation.

Protection of water catchment areas to sustainably empower the community are our main priority. We promote organic farming, small enterprise development and livelihood diversification as climate change adaptation strategy