Our Solutions

Capacity building

CREATS promotes modern, sustainable farming practices by providing technical expertise and capacity building in sustainable agriculture production. We work with the community to identify what Homa Bay’s small farmers need. We provide training on caring for animals, training on soil assessment, and correctly applying fertilizer and other inputs. We also build the capacity of smallholder farmers in business planning, record keeping, financial management towards market-oriented farming. We train farmers and collaborate with government extension officers.

Small Enterprise Development

When people engage in income generating activities, they create wealth, increase incomes, and improve household food security. This eventually translates to a more empowered and sustainable society capable of sustaining its various needs. We work with smallholder farmers to identify potential small business opportunities. We conduct market analysis and look at the whole agricultural value chain of a farmer’s crop.

We identify small enterprises that have the potential to be established or expanded, such as indigenous poultry farming, small horticultural gardens, organic farming, tree fruits, dairy goats, dairy farming, crop farming, aquaculture, apiculture, tree seedlings nursery among others.

These businesses have the potential to transform livelihoods if conducted as a business with commercialization on the mind. We also train smallholder farmers in enterprise management such as developing business plans, keeping financial records, marketing, group formation, and leadership to leverage on the group advantage.

Financial Linkages

We work with financial providers and lenders in the community to disseminate information on existing, affordable loan and credit products in the market, which our members can take advantage of. We train smallholder farmers on financial literacy, record keeping, small enterprise business plans.

We also emphasize establishing more village savings groups, financial Cooperatives and Self-Help financial groups to build the bargaining power of farmers. We believe table banking has the potential to transform communities and alleviate poverty among poorer households.

Market Linkages

Market linkages for both inputs and outputs are necessary to give smallholder farmers the opportunity to get the best from their arduous work. Agriculture is part of a larger value chain. CREATS recognizes this and emphasizes the need for treating farming as a business.

We work with input providers: agrovets, veterinary service providers and extension workers. Improved market linkages lead to reduced poverty and hunger thus moving the community from just surviving to thriving. We work in agriculture to create employment opportunities for youths and women, improve household incomes and create wealth as well as improve food security.

Policy Advocacy

We recognize that poor agricultural policies contribute to poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation in Homa Bay and rural communities across Kenya. What policies specifically are contributing to these problems? Neglect of the agricultural sector lack of policies promoting extension What else?

Therefore, we work with government and other partners to advocate for policy change to promote social justice and sustainable development. We do this by training the community to advocate for their rights and work together to transform livelihoods.

We envision a future where policies enacted by the government benefits the poor rural smallholder farmers.